Due to the current restrictions regarding the COVID-19 crisis all Gin Taxi Rides are on hold until further notice. - Vouchers can be redeemed at a later time and fixed dates will be reorganized.



Attention Viennese gin-lovers and taxi-riders!


This is the implausibly romantic tale of a London black cab (also known as a ‘Hackney Carriage’) that fell in love with Vienna. This loveable four-wheeled cockney taxi fell wildly for the dark refinement of Vienna, Europe’s most elegant city. The love-filled car travelled to Vienna to stay for ever. But he could not forget his home nation, and out of loyalty, the plucky taxi vowed to carry Hendrick’s Gin, Cucumber and a red rose to give his passengers a taste of the very finest. From then on the taxi and Vienna would always be together.

Gin & Taxi

The Viennese Gin Taxi was established, during a full moon, in 2017. It commenced service in early 2018 and has been bringing a unique travelling experience to gin-lovers in Austria ever since...

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What you can DO in our TAXI


The Gin Taxi offers a limousine-like service to those who want to share their favourite drinks with their favourite friends. We can accommodate four guests (and one ghost goat if required) in our magnificent vehicle.


There is a choice of delectable packages to best suit your taste, mood and destiny. For special requests, please get in touch with us. Included in every tour is everything you will need for an evening out with Hendrick’s Gin in our vehicle.


Note: Please book your journey at least two days before the ride itself.


Please go to our shop to buy your desired package. We will then reply to you with all the information you will need.


PLEASE NOTE: All Gin Taxi Rides are strictly non-smoking.