This is the odd and usual tale of a London taxi that was just so much in love with the city of Vienna. To make sure never to be homesick it started to drive around with a cucumber, a rose and a bottle of Hendricks. They couldn't be separated any more and would from then on only be seen together.

Gin & Taxi

The Gin Taxi in Vienna was established in 2017. Commenced it's service in early 2018

and bringing joy to ginlovers in Austria 

 ever since...

The BETA Test Phase just started - Book your Adventure now!

What you can DO in our TAXI

The Gin Taxi offers a limousine like service to people who want to share their favorite drink with their friends. We can fit 4 guests in our taxi.


You can choose between the various packages according to your taste and mood. For special requests please get in touch with us. Included in every tour is everything you will need for an evening out with your favorite drink in our vehicle.


Please note that we need a couple of days to organize your ride so please book everything in advance as early as possible. If you have a voucher please also give us a couple of days notice before your chosen date.


Go to our shop and buy your desired package. We will get in touch with you about all the details of your ride.


PLEASE NOTE: All Gin Taxi Rides are strictly non smoking.