Story of  the Austrian GIN TAXI

This is the implausibly romantic tale of a London black taxi (also known as a ‘Hackney Carriage’) that fell in love with Vienna. This loveable four-wheeled cockney fell wildly for the dark refinement of Vienna, Europe’s most elegant city. The love-filled car travelled to Vienna to stay for ever. But he could not forget his home nation, and out of loyalty, the plucky taxi vowed to carry Hendrick’s Gin, Cucumber and a red rose to give his passengers a taste of the very finest. From then on the taxi and Vienna would always be together...

The peculiar Story of a LONDON TAXI that travelled to Vienna

The story of our Taxi starts in the honking hubbub of London. On the rain-blasted dirty streets of this great capital, the lonely taxi worked very hard — day after day;

rushing around, diligently transporting the good and the great (and the not so great) across the heaving metropolis. Embittered and tired after a life of hard service, the taxi longed for a retirement in warmer climes. Following his last working day, the cab headed south to find the sun. But something unexpected happened as the cab transited the splendour of Vienna: he fell in love. He vowed to stay in this beautiful city and bring joy to thousands of new passengers.


Gone is the RUSH HOUR, with its oppressive time-obsessed mania. Here is transportation liberated from the tiresome idea of having to arrive somewhere at a particular time. From now he would carry friends and give them fine drinks. Welcome to the No Rush Hour Society, where the destination of any journey is pleasure and whimsy.