Story of  the Austrian GIN TAXI

This is the odd and usual tale of a London taxi that was just so much in love with the city of Vienna. To make sure never to be homesick it started do drive around with a cucumber, a rose and a bottle of Hendricks. They couldn't be separated any more and would from then on only be seen together. 

The peculiar Story of a LONDON TAXI that travelled to Vienna

The story of our Taxi starts in Good Old London. On the rainy streets of the capital the car was working hard every day of its life. Getting people in rush from one place to another. At the end of its service it was very sad and wanted to spend his retirement in a warmer climate more south. But on its way through Europe, Vienna didn't let go of our retired London Taxi. It wanted to move around this beautiful city and bring joy to everyone driving in it. What it didn't like was the idea of hurrying from one place to another and giving in to the urge of rushing everywhere. So it decided to take something from home aboard with a peculiar passenger: Hendricks Gin and from that time on only drive people who want to be part of the No Rush Hour Society. Driving in order to get around, instead of going somewhere.